Porter Goss

Remarks by Director of Central Intelligence Porter J. Goss
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - March 2005

Today, a section of the Berlin Wall stands outside CIA Headquarters, just as a piece stands here at the Library. I am deeply proud that destruction of the Wall and everything it stood for is CIAs shared legacy with Ronald Reagan. We were Americas eyes and ears behind the Iron Curtain, just as we are its eyes and ears in todays war on terror and other global mischief. More »

Porter Goss

Central Intelligence Agency Employee Town Hall Meeting
Remarks to the Workforce - September 2005

The CIA is being asked to do better what it has always done  to provide objective, unbiased, and independent intelligence to policymakers without being policy prescriptive. The President expects the CIA to be able to do well what the Agency does uniquely. We are seekers of truth, not owners, and it is an endless task. More »


Global Futures Forum Meeting
Airlie House - November 2005

Our strategy is characterized by a commitment to organizational transformation that can foster and protect innovation. However, as we all know, in bureaucracies there is seldom a constituency for change. We at CIA are faced with many challenges as we embark on our program of organizational transformation, including nearly 60 years of accumulated traditions, practices, habits and mindsets. We must make changes in an unusual climate. It is a new century, with new threats, a truly "global" environment, and a rapidly advancing technology. More »

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